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Purpose-Built Solutions Begin with Repurposed Shipping Containers

Approximately 90% of non-bulk cargo worldwide is transported by shipping containers. After a shipping container has completed its first job duties, Containerized Resources steps in to repurpose the shipping containers into cost effective, sustainable solutions with a wide range of turnkey custom fabrication options as well as our core products.

The possibilities for custom-built shipping container solutions are endless. If you can imagine it, we can design and fabricate it. Our modified shipping containers are an expedient and economical way to make your business ideas a reality. Whether you are looking for a unique retail space, sidewalk cafe, or a product showroom, our highly experienced team of designers, engineers, and manufacturers can help guide you through the process from design to delivery and set-up.

Since each containerized solution begins with a repurposed container, you can feel good about your sustainable structure. In addition, the durable corrugated steel construction is designed for frequent mobility, to withstand heavy usage and foot-traffic in almost any weather condition, and can last for decades with minimal maintenance.

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