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Containerized Resources Awarded Quick-turn Growing Facility Build

Containerized Resources provides innovative mobile structures designed specifically for their clients’ needs. From modified stock structures to completely custom builds, they deliver the perfect solution.

In September, Containerized Resources was awarded the opportunity to build two 40’ state-of-the-art growing facilities for a CannaBox Containers client. All jobs have their challenges, and this one was no different. Due to issues with contamination in the customer’s brick and mortar-style grow facility, they were facing challenges reaching acceptable quality in their products. They needed a fully climate-controlled, weather-tight facility delivered in a matter of weeks.

To start the build, Containerized Resources needed two used 40’ containers for the base of the operation. Time was already pressing on this build, with only four weeks to complete the order. The containers were two weeks out from delivery, leaving Containerized Resources with only two weeks to complete the build. Within hours of arrival, the containers were stripped down and ready for exterior welding and metal fabrication. With plenty of long hours, great planning, and extraordinary teamwork, Containerized Resources met the deadline.

Not only was the job completed in a timely fashion, it was done without compromising quality. The customer was 100% satisfied with their products and has sourced Containerized Resources for pending future orders.

Containerized Resources: Providing custom, purpose-built solutions