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Meet the Team

“Engineers lead the way”

Chris Taylor enlisted in the United States Army National Guard in 2003 as a combat engineer (MOS 21E). In 2004, Chris was deployed to Afghanistan. During his service, he was assigned to construct roadways from Kandahar airbase to Tarinkot Afghanistan.

Chris, along with the 204th engineer battalion, accomplished 40 miles of roadway with multiple FOBs (constructed from the ground up) along the way. This assignment helped connect a main supply route from the airbase to the Northeast area of the country. Chris was deployed for 15 months and served six years total.

Chris joined the Deployed Resources family in 2014, as a welder/fabricator. He is now one of Containerized Resources lead fabricators. Chris brings to the table a level of quick creative decision-making and ingenuity. He lives in upstate New York with his wife and two kids.