Move to the Beat, Not the Heat

  It’s the unofficial start of summer, which means outdoor music festivals are happening everywhere. Our H2O container provides festival-goers and event customers with cool, clean water for washing up and staying hydrated. Among the features are large doors on end and a water-filling station that can accommodate up to four bottles at once. It’s durable and…

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Building Sustainably

Each year, thousands of shipping containers are left dormant. Currently, there are about 30 million unused shipping containers all around the world. Repurposing these containers has become a growing trend as well as a social movement within the realms of modular, and especially, sustainable construction. Using shipping containers as building material is a great sustainable building alternative. By reusing…

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BreezeBox is a 20’ containerized open-air showroom featuring a front panel that folds down to create an open space and outside floor to showcase a variety of products or services and to draw customers in. Other features include a retractable front awning to protect against harsh sunlight or precipitation, an optional staircase that leads to a…

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Meet the Team

“Engineers lead the way” Chris Taylor enlisted in the United States Army National Guard in 2003 as a combat engineer (MOS 21E). In 2004, Chris was deployed to Afghanistan. During his service, he was assigned to construct roadways from Kandahar airbase to Tarinkot Afghanistan. Chris, along with the 204th engineer battalion, accomplished 40 miles of roadway with multiple FOBs…

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Purpose-Built Solutions Begin with Repurposed Shipping Containers

Repurposed Shipping Container

Approximately 90% of non-bulk cargo worldwide is transported by shipping containers. After a shipping container has completed its first job duties, Containerized Resources steps in to repurpose the shipping containers into cost effective, sustainable solutions with a wide range of turnkey custom fabrication options as well as our core products. The possibilities for custom-built shipping…

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