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Containerized Resources Starting 2018 off on the Right Foot

Exterior of Gym Box.

To wrap up the year, Containerized Resources was awarded a build for BeaverFit. In the middle of December assembly began with the goal to complete 12 Tricon Gym Boxes in just a few weeks. Each Gym Box contains fitness equipment that assembles to form a fully functional gym on its three outer walls. Between being so close to the holidays and having numerous bulk item shipments coming from Europe, some problems accrued.

Containerized Resources knew that these problems were out of their control. This lead them to do what they do best – keep grinding and pushing forward with as much as they could. With great organization, preparation, and execution Containerized Resources ensured the deadline would be met. It was almost like clockwork as shipments of equipment arrived and rolled in, the factory-finished Gym Boxes rolled out.


Interior of how each unit can be stored.


Containerized Resources was very pleased starting 2018 with another successful build under their belt. Focusing on customer relationships has always been a top priority for Containerized Resources. BeaverFit and Containerized Resources have now been working together more than two years and Containerized Resources aims to keep that partnership strong and profitable for both parties. This is a reoccurring value that continues to hold true with all of their customers. A successful partnership builds the foundation for a great and profitable future. The long-term sustainability between customers and Containerized Resources is the focal point in their ideology of good business.


Example of a fully assembled gym.